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Avengers x hydra experiment reader

guoba 3d model. When the Avenger's finally take Loki down, the Trickster loses his memoryof everything. SHIELD, unsure of what to do, places Loki into the Avenger's care. As Loki's stay lengthens the Avenger's notice just how close Tony and Loki are getting. Loki's life on Asgard and before what happened in Avengers. #avengers x reader #supernatural #reader insert #the avengers #avengers.

does united healthcare cover laser hair removal homes for sale andrews sc. Bucky quickly ran over to your side before a gun shot rang into the air. "Just stay down, damn it!". Tony blasted the HYDRA agent and knocked him to the ground. "I got him, Barnes! You take care of (Y/N)!". The Winter Soldier just let out a weak chuckle as he fell onto the ground, trying to endure the pain at his side.

A series of One-Shots surrounding Peter being forgotten in some way. First Chapter - In the chaos of Tony snapping the gauntlet, rushing him to the nearest hospital and the reality of having saved the universe, the Avengers forgot to actually tell Peter that Tony had survived. ... This prompt is from Alwaysand on Ao3 - Peter answers a call from. Lost Hydra Peter Parker Fic.

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Yandere!Stucky x Reader. Originally posted by 3intheam. •At first they would be reluctant towards the idea of sharing you, they'd thought about it but didn't want to fight about it if it ever came down to that. •Once they do decide to share you they try their best to be fair towards each other, to an unnecessary level.

To an extent, it seems like this is intentional - that these palate-swapped "Hydra-vengers" are a joke about lazy villain concepts. The way they are introduced to the reader via an evil monologue in a gloomy underground base, complete with a fog machine and legions of Hydra troops shouting in unison for dramatic effect, is pleasantly campy.

Avengers X Child Reader Take a trip into an upgraded, more organized inbox. Even though there many people been walking there it as if none of them hear you. avengers x child reader avengers x-sanction avenger xbox 360 controller add-on avengers x shifter reader avengers x. Search: Avengers x reader preferences.

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