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Custom guitar amp transformers

Founded in 1998 in the Etruscan town of Farnese, between Latium and Tuscany, Masotti Guitar Devices and its high-end brand Mezzabarba Custom Amplification have become reference points for rockers in Italy, Europe and around the world. Based on 100% original R&D and entirely hand-crafted in Italy, these amps are fruit of a tireless obsession..


For this project, my custom-made power transformer used the following windings: The primary winding was a 230 VAC (110 VAC in the US) The secondary windings were 6.3 V/1.5 A filaments for 12AX7 and 6L6 power tube and 260 V-0-260 V/120 mA Hammond Manufacturing’s 269AX power transformer is a good substitute and can be easily found.

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Bias Amp 2 is a virtual guitar amp designer. Thanks to a Guitar Amp Modeler & Builder, you can swap preamps and power amps, tubes and transformers, tone stacks and filters, and speakers and mics in search of the ideal tone. The developers studied the behavior of many boutique tube amplifiers, which allowed them to create dynamic tone control.

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Custom built transformers; Support. Download user manual. Audio Clips. Stratocaster played through a Demeter TGA-2.1 50W Guitar Amplifier, recorded by a SM-57 close microphone and room microphone. Stratocaster in lead pickup position. Clean Channel; Low Gain,Edge Channel; Moderate Gain,Solo Channel; High Gain.

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