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Efi live autocal v3 vin license

AutoCal is pre-configured with a maximum VIN license slot capacity of one and ships with one VIN license. Tuners can increase the maximum VIN slot limit capacity so additional VIN licenses may be purchased and activated. The maximum VIN slot limit and VIN license limit is 600 per AutoCal device. US$125.00 Availability: In stock Details.

Each AC3 Autocal includes OBDII & USB Cables and can be used to tune over 600 vehicles. All Autocal V3 devices will come with one VIN Licence, and each vehicle you tune will require an additional VIN Licence. However, most custom tune files we sell will include the VIN license in the cost of the tuning. Remote custom tuning has never been easier!.

EFI live VIN License for Autocal. * *This can be used on a SINGLE ECM and SINGLE TCM or BCM module.* * *Must be running the latest EFI live public release software. Must download both V7.5 and V8 . DECEMBER 2020 PUBLIC RELEASE . *Must update device boot-block & firmware (if needed) before submitting serial.

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Locate you VIN License activation email. Connect your FlashScan/AutoCal device to your PC. Start the EFILive V8 Scan and Tune application. Click the [F7: Licenses] button in the left-hand pane. Click the [F3: VINs] button in the left-hand pane. Paste the Activation Code and enter the License number from your email.

$125.00 Shipping calculated at checkout. Quantity Serial Number Authorization Code Email Address (order will not be processed without valid email) Add to Cart Tweet Pin it EFI live VIN.

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